Hva er Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS lar virksomheter over hele verden overgå læringsmålene sine. Det intuitive designet og robuste funksjonene er bygget for å gi fleksibel opplæring og skaper et engasjerende læringsmiljø som gjør at ansatte, kunder og partnere kommer tilbake for mer. Absorb LMS har gitt kunder i 120 forskjellige bransjer vertikaler automatisering og dype rapporteringsmuligheter for å spare tid og få mer ROI. Prøv ut det skalerbare LMS-systemet som støtter integrering og sikkerhet, samtidig som at det gis støtte hele døgnet.

Hvem benytter Absorb LMS?

Utviklet for organisasjoner som tilbyr opplæring av ansatte, ekstern opplæring eller begge deler, inkludert e-handel. Vi jobber for organisasjoner med noen få hundre elever og opptil hundretusenvis av elever.

Hvor kan Absorb LMS benyttes?

Sky, SaaS, webbasert, Android (mobil), iPhone (mobil), iPad (mobil)

Om leverandøren

  • Absorb
  • Sted: Calgary, Canada
  • Grunnlagt i 2002
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Tilgjengelige land

Argentina, Australia, Belgia, Brasil, Canada og 34 andre


arabisk, dansk, engelsk, finsk, fransk og 18 andre

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Om leverandøren

  • Absorb
  • Sted: Calgary, Canada
  • Grunnlagt i 2002
  • Telefonstøtte
  • Døgnet rundt
  • Chat

Tilgjengelige land

Argentina, Australia, Belgia, Brasil, Canada og 34 andre


arabisk, dansk, engelsk, finsk, fransk og 18 andre

Videoer og bilder av Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS-programvare – 1
Absorb LMS-programvare – 2
Absorb LMS-programvare – 3
Absorb LMS-programvare – 4
Absorb LMS-programvare – 5
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Absorb LMS-video
Absorb LMS-programvare – 1
Absorb LMS-programvare – 2
Absorb LMS-programvare – 3
Absorb LMS-programvare – 4
Absorb LMS-programvare – 5

Funksjoner i Absorb LMS

  • Aktivitetsdashbord
  • Ansattengasjement
  • Ansattportal
  • Asynkron læring
  • Blandet læring
  • Deling av innhold
  • E-handelsstyring
  • Elektroniske skjemaer
  • Fremdriftssporing
  • Innebygd kursforfatting
  • Innholdsbibliotek
  • Innholdsstyring
  • Karakterbok
  • Kompetansestyring
  • Kuratering av selvbetjent innhold
  • Kursledelse
  • Kurssporing
  • Læringsportal
  • Læringsstyring
  • Læringstier/-spor
  • Mobillæring
  • Mobiltilgang
  • Oppdragsstyring
  • Opplæringsadministrasjon
  • Opplæringsledelse
  • Personalhåndbok
  • Rapportering og statistikk
  • Rapportering/analyse
  • SCORM-samsvar
  • Samarbeid med flere brukere
  • Samsvarsporing
  • Selvbetjeningsportal
  • Sertifisering og lisensiering
  • Sertifiseringsledelse
  • Sosial læring
  • Spillifisering
  • Styring av orienteringsarbeidsflyt
  • Synkronlæring
  • Tester/vurderinger
  • Varsler/meldinger
  • Virtuelt klasserom
  • Vurderingsstyring

Alternativer for Absorb LMS

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Anmeldelser av Absorb LMS

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Anmeldelser etter størrelsen på bedriften (antall ansatte)

  • <50
  • 51-200
  • 201-1 000
  • >1 001

Finn anmeldelser etter vurdering

Cecilia W.
Cecilia W.
Product Manager, Marketing i
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Telekommunikasjon, 201-500 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 6–12 måneder
Kilde: GetApp

Absorb is the perfect LMS!

5 for 7 år siden

Kommentarer: Absorb is so powerful and easy to use. The company itself is great to work with. Their customer service staff is so nice and friendly, and the project manager and account manager I worked with helped me every step of the way. The interface is gorgeous and importing your learners is a snap. I love that Absorb has built-in quizzes that I can create in seconds. I also love that I was able to work with Absorb's designers to customize the branding for our company. Creating certification programs and badges was easy. You can upload or link to practically any type of media. Customized reports can quickly be generated. Grouping learners into categories to deploy specific training is also painless. You can create contest, polls and gamify the learning experience. Ultimately, Absorb is fast, easy, gorgeous and even if you're a staff of one or two (like me) you can easily manage hundreds of learners and dozens of online courses. I love Absorb!


Fantastic customer support Easy to use design Quick import of new learners Easily upload any type of multimedia Customizable interface for branding Out of the box solution at a reasonable price point No extra IT or web developer support required


It would be great to: - Quickly switch between Admin and Learner to see a course - Create a "test" user who can take courses over and over again just to test functionality without having to enroll, un-enroll and then re-enroll - Show and disable the contest feature (without having customer support perform this function)

Stefan P.
Manager, Knowledge Management i Canada
Datamaskin, programvare, 201-500 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 1–5 måneder

Easy to use LMS platform with the right amount of features for our needs

4 for 3 uker siden Ny

Kommentarer: We were looking for an LMS platform for internal training that could be expanded to customer training afterwards. The sales engagement with Absorb LMS has been a great experience, providing us with the tools and knowledge to properly evaluate the platform (including a trial portal which we could test with our own content). Onboarding was well structured, with a clear plan of tasks to accomplish both on our side and on the vendor side. Absorb provides a series of well-made self-training modules to go through, which complemented the training provided by the implementation project manager. Compared to other LMS, the platform itself is easy to use while providing a good breadth of features for our use. It's a mature product, with a solid backend. We did not experience any performance issues or security concerns. Look and feel customization is relatively basic. The interface is also quite rigid: for example, thumbnails or banners must have precise dimensions, otherwise images are stretched. Because of that it requires a lot of efforts, trials and errors, if you want to have a visual experience distinct from the Absorb default. The main shortcoming we experienced is that some common workflows could be streamlined. They can involve a lot of clicks, which is irritating when you're repeating the same workflow several times in a row. Keyboard shortcuts could be introduced to facilitate some operations, which would alleviate this.


Easy to use Solid onboarding training for admins Provides content hosting Supports SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) Supports Instructor Led Classes Zoom integration BambooHR integration Salesforce integration Overall mature platform Great customer support


Look and feel customization lacks flexibility Some workflows could be streamlined, especially for course management No actual course authoring functionality: users need to import learning objects created with external tools, such as 3rd party eLearning authoring tools. This is fine for our needs, but it would add flexibility if there was at least some content authoring functionalities.

Vurderte alternativer: Skillsoft, Cornerstone LMS og SAP Litmos

Grunner til å bytte til Absorb LMS: The intersection of ease of use, features, customer service and costs of Absorb was superior to all other alternatives we considered. Some were superior in terms features but were too expensive for our needs. Some were less expensive but the customer service was a concern. Some were not as user-friendly. It all came down to that equation: ease of use + features + services + costs. Absorb LMS hit the sweet spot for us.

Verifisert anmelder
HR Manager i Irland
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Byggebransjen, 1 001-5 000 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 6–12 måneder

Great Software, Suffers terribly from its customer service.

3 for 2 år siden

Kommentarer: I rushed into this purchase a little and didnt investigate the level of support that would be offered. In hindsight this would have been a game changer for me as I would have went elsewhere.
The software is good, though it doesnt manage blended learning easily which is frustrating.
Customer Support is absolutely non existent.


Good User Interface, Good Course Management. Good sync with BambooHR on most things. Good Learner interface. Good Customisation options.


Difficult to manage blended learning. Some factors in course management could use improvements. (Managing assessments) Cannot see how many absences from courses that users have. Some issues with how it syncs with Bamboo(overwriting course information) Customer Support is non existent. 10+ days to resolve any issues. Most issues I have to try and resolve myself by resetting and that causes me other issue. Can sometimes be 'buggy' and will introduce random bugs which can be time consuming to fix and result in me resetting the system sync.

Kimberly G.
Learning & Development Specialist i USA
Informasjonsteknologi og -tjenester, 51-200 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 1–5 måneder

Easy, Fluid Implementation; a Game-Changer for Our Company

5 for 3 måneder siden


Absorb has made the implementation process incredibly easy. User training was broken down into helpful microlearning and many features have been customizable, which my company stakeholders have loved. Having a project manager as a go-to source of knowledge has been fantastic, and the Help Center has given me self-sufficiency that I look for when working with other vendors. We also love that most features are already included in the pricing, versus being nickel and dimed for reporting, mobile interfaces, different learning methods, company branding, etc. We're excited to have Absorb help our company grow.


I'd love it if Absorb could work on additional API integrations that are included in the price. My company uses several 3rd party content creators (KnowB4, Udemy) and there are currently no connections with them.

Vurderte alternativer: Coassemble, Skilljar Customer Education, LearnUpon og Docebo

Grunner til å bytte til Absorb LMS: Absorb offered the most functionality for its price. It has not required major additional upsells to get the functionality we were looking for. Any other company either did not have key functionality, or cost more than Absorb to get the functionality we were looking for.

Lisa G.
Academy strategy & planning manager i USA
Profesjonell opplæring og coaching, 201-500 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 1–5 måneder

Fun and Interactive LMS

5 for 2 måneder siden

Kommentarer: The onboarding has been amazing. The support we have received from [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience.


I love the options and the customization abilities.


There are so many options that it starts to get confusing as to which features are the best for our usage