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Hva er Brevo?

Brevo hjelper bedrifter med å bygge og utvikle relasjoner gjennom markedsføringsautomatisering, e-postkampanjer, transaksjonse-poster, SMS-meldinger, chat, CRM, Facebook-annonser og målrettingsannonser. Hva gjør SendinBlue annerledes? Brevo drives av et førsteklasses kundeserviceteam som tilbyr prisplaner som garantert vil gi deg et smil om munnen. Plattformen kombinerer en robust pakke med tjenester i én brukervennlig løsning.

Hvem benytter Brevo?

Plattformen tilbyr skybaserte verktøy for e-postmarkedsføring og markedsføringsautomatisering til over 300 000 voksende selskaper over hele verden.

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Marketing Manager CRM i Tyskland
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Maskineri, 11–50 ansatte
Har brukt programvaren i: Men enn 1 år

Great Email Marketing Tool

5,0 forrige måned Ny

Kommentarer: Brevo has been a great partner overall. It is hard to complain even about server outages or technical issues.
Only limitations for already available features are concerning and the way Brevo pushes its CRM.


The way emails look, the full control over transactional and marketing email system links. Full localization possibility. Great support and documentation.


Services outages became frequent and emails cannot be tested or sent during that time. Brevo is pushing its CRM and close features that were available for free before. For people who are never going to swtich to their CRM such moves are clearly wrong. For example, the conversations feature is much more limited as of now and to reply to Whatsapp conversations, subscribers need to pay.

CEO i Tsjekkia
Arrangementstjenester, 2–10 ansatte
Har brukt programvaren i: 6–12 måneder

Switching from Mailchimp

5,0 for 4 uker siden Ny


BREVO has been a game-changer for us since switching from Mailchimp. The features are spot-on – intuitive and just what we need to streamline email campaigns for our clients. The customer support is impressive; they're always on hand to help. Plus, the pricing is significantly lower, which is a big win for our budget. Overall, extremely satisfied!


Overall, I'm quite pleased with BREVO. However, if you rely heavily on ready-made templates, you might find the options more limited compared to Mailchimp. That said, since we craft all our client emails from scratch using pure HTML, this limitation doesn't really affect us much.

COE i Australia
Personale og rekruttering, 2–10 ansatte
Har brukt programvaren i: 6–12 måneder

My Reveiew

3,0 forrige måned Ny

Kommentarer: Not great.
The template builder sucks. If it was designed to match the functionality of something more familiar like Word or Power Point it might be usable. Takes hours to build a template unless you get stuck and then another two days to get a response from support. Its awful and if we could find and alternative we would.


At first it did what we wanted but proved to be extremely difficult to use and the support is lousy.


The template builder sucks. If it was designed to match the functionality of something more familiar like Word or Power Point it might be usable. Takes hours to build a template unless you get stuck and then another two days to get a response from support. Its awful and if we could find and alternative we would.

Ugochukwu L Fred
Founder i Nigeria
Markedsføring og reklame, 2–10 ansatte
Har brukt programvaren i: Mer enn 2 år

Brevo: Is it worth the Investment or No

5,0 for 4 uker siden Ny

Kommentarer: Well in summary, Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, presents a compelling solution for businesses that are in dire need of versatile marketing automation and an email marketing platform. I'm also one of the owners of a business in need of this service. With its user-friendly interface, robust automation capabilities, and competitive pricing, Brevo seamlessly caters to a broad spectrum of users. Despite the minor drawbacks that I mentioned earlier, Brevo's strengths make it a strong contender in the market, especially for organizations looking for an affordable and feature-rich marketing solution. If you ask me, Brevo is a well-rounded platform that maintains a balance between functionality and accessibility. This makes it a solid choice for businesses aiming to elevate their digital marketing efforts.


User-Friendly Interface: First of all, I love the simplicity of the design of the new user-friendly and intuitive Brevo interface; particularly the light-green feel of the Homepage and dashboard. Another striking thing there is their deliberate use of abundant white spaces; this does not only make the platform appear super-classy but it also makes it very easy for both beginners and experienced marketers alike to easily understand the system and make proper use of it. The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of creating engaging email campaigns without requiring extensive technical skills. Email Deliverability: One of Brevo's standout features is its robust email deliverability- anyone who uses the platform can attest to this. I've been using Brevo for over 3 years now (from when it was still known as Sendinblue). The platform employs advanced algorithms to optimize email delivery, minimizing the chances of messages ending up in spam folders (provided you use a custom email eg info@yourwebsitedotcom, and also verify you domain). This is crucial for ensuring that your messages reach the intended audience. Automation Capabilities: Brevo excels in automation, when it comes to automation, I give it to them. The system allows you to set up workflows for various scenarios. From welcome sequences to abandoned cart reminders, the automation features enable businesses to streamline their marketing processes and engage with customers at the right time. What's more interesting is the fact that even if you don't know how to use Brevo and need a little help, you can access training videos on Brevo's YouTube channel to help you get started. Affordability: The platform's pricing structure is competitive, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Brevo also offers a free plan with basic features and affordable paid plans that scale with the user's needs even though that amount (Starter $25, Business $65, and BrevoPlus placed at custom price) is still a bit on the high side for some of us in Africa due to exchange, inflation and a whole lot of other pressing factors. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious organizations (especially those in the big 5). Comprehensive Marketing Suite: Brevo is not limited to just email marketing; it's a comprehensive marketing suite with an array of marketing tools. Users can leverage features such as: - SMS marketing - Chat - & CRM integration, creating a unified platform for managing various aspects of their marketing strategy. Analytics and Reporting: The platform also provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, offering insights into the performance of email campaigns. Users can track key metrics in real-time, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Learning Curve for Advanced Features: It is true that Brevo is user-friendly, however, mastering its more advanced features may take some time (this is the reason I'll advise avy new user to get some help from their YouTube channel. Users looking to harness the full potential of the platform may need to invest additional effort in learning and experimentation. Limited Design Flexibility: Although the drag-and-drop editor is very convenient, some super-creative users might find the design flexibility limiting. Customizing templates beyond the provided options may require HTML/CSS knowledge, which could be a drawback for those without coding expertise. Contact Management Complexity: Managing contacts and segmentation could be more streamlined. Some users may find the contact management interface less intuitive compared to other platforms, especially when dealing with larger contact lists. Template Selection: While Brevo offers a variety of templates, the selection might not be as extensive as some other competitors. Users who are keen on getting some highly specialized or niche templates may find themselves needing to create custom designs; this is exactly what I do any time I want to create a campaign.

Web Developer i Irland
Informasjonsteknologi og -tjenester, 2–10 ansatte
Har brukt programvaren i: 6–12 måneder

Brevo make Email Marketing a breeze

5,0 forrige måned Ny

Kommentarer: I have had a good experience using Brevo. It is easy to use and effective for using as our Email Marketing ESP


I like Brevo's overall user interface. In comparison to other ESPs on the market, Brevo is easy to use out of the box with no steep learn curve or in debt settings to setup before I can launch a campaign.


Brevo free tier does not allow for landing pages. I think it would be a good idea to give users an opportunity to see how the landing page feature would benefit their marketing process before they commit to a monthly subscription.