Hva er Asana?

With Asana, you can orchestrate work across teams at scale–from daily tasks to strategic cross-functional initiatives. Asana is the only work management platform that turns goals into action and breaks down silos between teams. More than 119,000 paying customers and millions of free organizations across 190 countries rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns.

Hvem benytter Asana?

Why do 11,000+ customers on Capterra give Asana 4.5 out 5 stars? Asana is the easiest way to manage projects, processes, and tasks across teams at scale.

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Om leverandøren

  • Asana
  • Sted: San Francisco, USA
  • Grunnlagt i 2008

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Tilgjengelige land

Albania, Algerie, Andorra, Antigua og Barbuda, Argentina og 125 andre


engelsk, fransk, japansk, koreansk, nederlandsk og 7 andre

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USD 13,49/måned
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Asana har en gratisversjon og tilbyr en gratis prøveperiode. Du får en betalt versjon av Asana fra USD 13,49/måned.

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Om leverandøren

  • Asana
  • Sted: San Francisco, USA
  • Grunnlagt i 2008

Support for Asana

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Tilgjengelige land

Albania, Algerie, Andorra, Antigua og Barbuda, Argentina og 125 andre


engelsk, fransk, japansk, koreansk, nederlandsk og 7 andre

Videoer og bilder av Asana

Asana-programvare – 1
Asana-programvare – 2
Asana-programvare – 3
Asana-programvare – 4
Asana-programvare – 5
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Asana-programvare – 1
Asana-programvare – 2
Asana-programvare – 3
Asana-programvare – 4
Asana-programvare – 5

Funksjoner i Asana

  • Ad hoc-rapportering
  • Adgangskontroller/-tillatelser
  • Administrasjon av salgsmuligheter
  • Aktivitet-/nyhetsfeed
  • Aktivitetsdashbord
  • Aktivitetssporing
  • Ansattdatabase
  • Arbeidsflytkonfigurasjon
  • Arrangementsutløste handlinger
  • Automatisering av forretningsprosesser
  • Avhengighetssporing
  • Avstemninger/stemmegivning
  • Backlog-styring
  • Billettadministrasjon
  • Brainstorming
  • Brukeradministrasjon
  • Budsjettering/prognoser
  • Budsjettstyring
  • Bug-/problemoppdagelse
  • CRM-modul
  • Dashbord
  • Dataimport/-eksport
  • Datavisualisering
  • Diskusjoner/forum
  • Dokumentlagring
  • Dokumentledelse
  • Dra og slipp
  • E-post-til-oppgave-konvertering
  • E-postadministrasjon
  • E-postmarkedsføring
  • Ekstern tilgang/kontroll
  • Endringsledelse
  • Enkel pålogging
  • Fargekoder/ikoner
  • Filbehandling
  • Fildeling
  • Fjernstøtte
  • For IT-prosjektledelse
  • For kreative byråer
  • For små bedrifter
  • Forestillingsforløp
  • Fremdriftssporing
  • Fremgangssporing
  • Gantt-/tidslinjevisning
  • Gjentakende oppgaver
  • Gjestetilgang
  • Godkjenningsarbeidsflyt
  • Godkjenningsprosesskontroll
  • Grafisk arbeidsflytredigerer
  • Idéstyring
  • Importoppgaver
  • Ingen kode
  • Innholdsstyring
  • Innovasjonsstyring
  • KPI-overvåking
  • Kalenderbehandling
  • Kampanjeanalyse
  • Kampanjeplanlegging
  • Kampanjestyring
  • Kanalstyring
  • Kanban-kort
  • Kapasitetsstyring
  • Klientportal
  • Klientstyring
  • Kommentarer/notater
  • Kommunikasjonsstyring
  • Kontaktadministrasjon
  • Kravstyring
  • Kunnskapsstyring
  • Live-chat
  • Maler
  • Malledelse
  • Markedsføringskalender
  • Medieplanlegging
  • Meldinger
  • Merking
  • Milepælsporing
  • Mobiltilgang
  • Multi-kampanje
  • Multikanals markedsføring
  • Målinnstilling/sporing
  • Målstyring
  • Møteledelse
  • Nettbasert distribusjon
  • Notatstyring
  • Oppdragsstyring
  • Oppgavebehandling
  • Oppgavefremdriftssporing
  • Oppgaveplanlegging
  • Oppgaveredigering/-oppdatering
  • Oppgavetagging
  • Opprett deloppgaver
  • Persontilpassing
  • Porteføljeforvaltning
  • Prioritering
  • Problemhåndtering
  • Produktveikart
  • Prognosering
  • Prosessmodellering og design
  • Prosjektplanlegging
  • Prosjektsporing
  • Prosjektstyring
  • Rapportering og statistikk
  • Rapportering/analyse
  • Rapportering/prosjektsporing
  • Redigering i sanntid
  • Regelbasert arbeidsflyt
  • Ressursforespørsel
  • Ressurshåndtering
  • Ressursplanlegging
  • Revisjonsspor
  • Rollebaserte tillatelser
  • Samarbeidsverktøy
  • Samsvarsporing
  • Sanntidschat
  • Scenarioplanlegging
  • Skjemaadministrasjon
  • Skjemaautomatisering
  • Skjermdeling
  • Smidig metodologi/metodikk
  • Sporing av investeringsutbytte (ROI)
  • Sporing av kostnad-til-fullføring
  • Statussporing
  • Strategisk planlegging
  • Styring av arbeidsflyt
  • Styring av produktlivssyklus
  • Styring av visuell arbeidsflyt
  • Søk/filter
  • Søylediagram
  • Tidsplanlegging
  • Tidssporing
  • Tilpassede maler
  • Tilpasset dashbord
  • Transkripsjoner/chathistorikk
  • Tredjepartsintegrasjoner
  • Undersøkelser og tilbakemelding
  • Varsler i sanntid
  • Varsler/meldinger
  • Veikartlegging
  • Versjonskontroll
  • Visningsannonseadministrasjon
  • Visualisering

Alternativer for Asana

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Anmeldelser av Asana

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Anmeldelser etter størrelsen på bedriften (antall ansatte)

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  • 51-200
  • 201-1 000
  • >1 001

Finn anmeldelser etter vurdering

Founder i Australia
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Datamaskin, programvare, Selvstendig næringsdrivende
Brukte programvaren til: Mer enn 2 år

An Incredibly User Friendly, Easy on the Eyes, and Much-needed Organisational Tool

5,0 for 3 uker siden Ny

Kommentarer: Brilliant. Loved it from day one, will continue to use. Have used almost all of the major cloud-based 'Project Planning / Organisational Platforms' out there and this is definitely the one for me.


Using Asana across multiple team members, departments, projects, and clients means that we can keep a huge number of moving parts organised and moving synchronistically.


The price per seat when you only have a few team members (1-3) can seem expensive. That said, the platform is worth it's weight in gold in terms of streamlining teams so capacity can be checked and more work coming in and/or moving along.

Web UX/UI Designer/Developer i Filippinene
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Design, 11-50 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 1–5 måneder

Best choice or good alternative

4,0 for 4 uker siden Ny

Kommentarer: Good! Asana is not as difficult to get the hand out with. I did manage to set-up all my tasks and projects personally. Though, I haven't used it for a long time when I did tested Monday.com.


I can bet in all of Asana's features from Task management, Scheduling, Materials management, Gantt Charts, Collaborations and the likes. Save for time tracking which is not (yet) available. The Free Pricing however, is generous enough to collaborate with up to 10 or 15 more individuals. Other top PMS has less to nothing - or just one user allowed.


User Interface. Asana needs to improve on there user interface to be at par with Monday.com. I've been using Monday and never looked back (except maybe if someday they will overrun Monday with features. Time Tracking. This one matters for some users, specially freelancers and online nomads alike. Just wondering why this wasn't integrated just yet. Set-up. It wasn't that easy to get started for non-techie users. So patience a virtue. Though PMS are understandably complicated, Monday take the pie in this domain.

Vurderte alternativer: monday.com

Grunner til å velge Asana: Well, upon company decision and me as consultant. Monday duly meets our startup company's needs and wants.

Byttet fra: monday.com

Grunner til å bytte til Asana: I choose Asana the first time. But upon testing other PMS, it seems the other weighs more than Asana.

Analytics Strategist i USA
Internett, 51-200 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: 6–12 måneder

Other options out there

3,0 for 3 uker siden Ny

Kommentarer: I didn't use Asana when our company first started using it, so I'm not sure how it was set up or all of the possibilities it could bring to the table. I'm not sure about the price either, but for what I used it for it worked. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. I think it's a good middle-tier option when it comes to project/task management.


Asana worked for us to get tasks done and track the progress of projects and it was easy to use.


It wasn't as in-depth as other platforms I've used (zendesk, wrike, monday, etc.). We couldn't keep track of upcoming projects or have a dashboard with only our own tasks in it to stay organized and get a quick snapshot of what needs to be done.

Researcher and Project engineer i Hellas
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Forskning, 501-1 000 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: Mer enn 2 år

A useful management tool for demanding organizations

4,0 for 4 måneder siden

Kommentarer: The tool helped the teams organize their tasks in a comprehensive manner that allowed them to be more efficient and effective.


The features available and theability to integrate external tools.


The interface is something I amnot used to and had to make some adjustments in the way I work in order to comply to the needs of the tool.

Vurderte alternativer: Microsoft Planner, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Project og ClickUp

Grunner til å velge Asana: Theorganization needed a tool that had more options to change the way the projects were organized and the way different tools can be integrated. Therefore, the needs of the team changes and we had to adapt.l

Byttet fra: ClickUp

Grunner til å bytte til Asana: Due to the characteristics of the project and the strucutre of the team, Asana was the most suitable tool at that time.

PM i Italia
Verifisert LinkedIn-bruker
Internasjonalt arbeid, 2-10 ansatte
Brukte programvaren til: Gratis prøveperiode

Asana is a great task management tool

4,0 for 2 måneder siden Ny

Kommentarer: I was awarded a small but important project for my department, as it could bring significant benefit to the business in the future if managed in an optimally way.
Instead of relying on the many rounds of emails that are exchanged between project managers and other people involved, I decided to simply proceed to create a project on Asana Basic.
The first time I used It.
This allowed us to keep track of everything that matters, giving us an overview of where we are going.
Asana allowed us to monitor the workflows on our teams and see the progress of the work at any time, saving endless updating meetings. Time we all know how crucial it is.


- Asana's interface is extremely well designed, the best possible way for a fun and inviting user experience. I hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed using it. - Asana is an excellent communication tool, it allows you to eliminate a lot of stress from disorganization in communicating with the team. Problems, requests for feedback, clarifications, questions, and suggestions, will all end up in the activities through the appropriate comment function. The only one allowed. - Trying Asana Basic, with a team of up to 15, for free, allowed me to work with three small teams, breaking down projects into manageable tasks and setting deadlines for completion. The ability to share documents between teams has also proved useful. -Asana Basic allowed us to download the app for iOS or Android devices to work and consult updates wherever we are, even offline. We like it.


1. It was not easy to set up a project at the beginning, the learning curve is tough. In Asana, projects are containers that allow you to create one or more tasks within them. This is the furthest away from a Project Manager's concept of a project. 2. I found that having to start over every time I created a project, even when it was repeatable, was like wasting time. 3. In the free plan, you cannot create private projects, meaning that the project is visible and editable by every member of the team. 4. Asana organizes all resources horizontally, flattening their hierarchy. There are no different roles, just people and tasks. 5. The management of risk situations and the consequent negotiation between the resources involved in the project is not envisaged. 6. This is a very serious shortcoming, especially for those who work remotely. It is not possible to assign an hourly or daily cost to resources that are part of the team.